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Dane Holweger is a photo stylist and designer/crafter living in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles with his remarkable partner of 20 years, Israel, and their gorgeous, talented, hilarious children Ziggy and Nola (proud eight graders).

The dominant traits of the craft-gene have been apparent from Dane's earliest memory. Only occasionally misguided, the results of his creative endeavors have always made an impact. The specific details of his tuna can camping stove at age eight and its near catastrophic outcome should be remembered more for its exuberant, magical concept and less for the flame damaged playhouse floor and scorched rubber boots (eyebrows notwithstanding, there were no casualties). 

Dane's early craft impulse has helped shape his philosophy that any concept is achievable for a reasonable budget with creative inspiration and divinely guided hands. And working with outstanding photographers has proven his belief that sometimes a prop stylist's best contribution to a shot is restraint. He considers his borderline compulsive attention to detail and being a team player amongst his best qualities (and his biggest burdens).

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